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BLP Lip Bullet

Three shades of BLP Lip Bullet (Credit: owner) Here we go again with the fabulous local brand, By Lizzie Parra! This brand has received so

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SNP Prep: Peptaronic Serum

Dry skin (Source: Pexels) Kulit kering punya permasalahannya sendiri, tetapi sering kali kalah sorot kalau dibandingkan dengan permasalahan kulit berminyak. Kadar air yang tidak optimal

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Our Skin Pal Team

PHARMACIST & Cosmetic Scientist

At day, we are regular workers at cosmetic and personal care companies who are chased by the deadline back to back from creating product concepts, doing formulation trials-and-s̶u̶c̶c̶e̶s̶s̶-error, to actually promoting the products on our personal social media when they are launched, just for the sake of the company’s life. The more people know about our product, the more the company makes profit, even though nothing changes in our bank account for sure. No, just kidding! Honestly, it’s also for the sake of our ego and pride 😀

Meanwhile, at night (red: weekends, to be precise, mostly whenever we get the mood), we manage ourskinpal website just for fun! Nope, just kidding again! We actually feel the need to correct what has gone viral but is wrong by sharing our insight and knowledge; hence, people would not get misled by the sheer amount of false information circulating like crazy. So, we hope you can benefit from this blog and share it with your loved ones!

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