All About Skin

Hi I’m Eradian! A pharmacist working as a full-time cosmetic formulator. I love science and nature! This blog is like a personal project to me to spread science behind products that are inseparable from our daily activities – cosmetic. Hopefully you can get one or two take away insight from this blog and spread it even more. Knowledge is power and I believe to Louis Pasteur once said, “Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world”.

Hi I’m Novia! I develop cosmetic for a living! Now I want to share to you the knowledge behind the cosmetic. Kita akan bantu kupas tuntas dari semua sisi. Harapannya biar konsumen makin pinter dan ga gampang dijebak dengan klaim-klaim palsu atau karena ‘bujukan’ influencer yang mungkin juga ga terlalu ngerti soal produknya. Kita akan kasih review sejujur mungkin. Semoga website ini membantu!