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Avoskin: Your Skin Bae Serum Azeclair 10%

Avoskin YSB Azeclair 10% (Credit: owner) Avoskin is one of the most favorable Indonesian skincare brands. They have a series named Your Skin Bae, which consists of nine kinds of serum and five kinds of toner. They are all different in the active ingredients being used, hence having different skin treatment purposes. On this occasion, I […]

Halal cosmetics: A story behind its halal label

In Indonesia, muslim community has been a growing target market for halal products since 1988 when the fuss about “haram” substances found in several meal ingredients first emerged. That year, a researcher from Universitas Brawijaya, Dr. Ir. Tri Susanto published his research which revealed that food supplies such as noodle, milk, snack, etc may contain […]